Anger Vs Peace


Anger and peace are like different sides of same coin. You need to know which one to use for a better living.

You may win an argument in anger. But you will lose the person forever.

Anger is just an emotion which can be good from only one perspective. From, the other perspective it’s the dangerous expression one can ever express.

Have you ever felt like, you should have been in control while you’re angry. But, you would have failed again and again. Do u know the reason why? Its simply because, you have never tried being calm.

You may ask “what?? Seriously?? How can you be calm while you’re angry?”.

My answer is simply, just right before you getting angry think of being calm. Even, if you’re exploding from inside, tell you’re mind to stay calm.

You can be calm as well than shouting.

Every one in this busy world are angry on many things every day, every minute and every second.

Our mind is so adapted towards anger and it has literally poisoned every part of nerve system in our brain. Result being, self hate, being egoistic and mostly alone.

Shouting leads you no where.

There is always other side of the coin which you failed to explore. We don’t have time to explore the other side and we are trapped and are insanely suffering.

There is always ways to handle such anger issues.

I would like to mention two important places where you can handle anger and be different.

1. Office:

Yes, one of the top most important place where anger is widespread. Its a disease in here. Most, lose there jobs due to anger. Most suffer from within.

Remember its you who accepted offer letter

The cure and suggestion is simple. “Just take things lightly”. See, office is just part of your life and not your life as whole. If you’re boss is yelling at you. Its not because, he doesn’t like you, its just because, his boss would have yelled at him.

If you’re smart enough you’ll stay calm. Simple.

2. Husband/Wife:

Yes, you read it right. The second important place where anger is most effectively prevailing is in a beautiful relationship.

Holding on to each other is best

Yes, relationships are beautiful. But unfortunately because of anger issues, relationships tend to loose its value over a period of time.

Before getting into a relationship, you’re ready to sacrifice anything for you’re loved one’s. But once after getting into relationship sacrifices disappear and suffering prevails.

Do you know why?? Simply because you’re anger and egotistic attitude just won and you lost your beautiful relationship.

Its all about educating each other.

Relationship is all about educating each other and living a balanced life. I understand sometimes things gets worse, but you shouldn’t go apart. Rather, you need to understand each other better and apologise and accept each other’s mistakes.

If both are in anger never argue. Rather, one should be calm than arguing. Next day, after things get settled. You need to apologise, if its your mistake, If you value your relationship more than anything else. Apologise and educate your partner as to, how important relationship is, above anger to you.

This way, you will not only hold on to your beautiful relationship, but also gain more trust from your partner.

One life, why suffer from anger

Life is very important. If you don’t know how to handle anger, you’ll end up as a loser. But if you know, you’ll be respected and will lead a balanced life.

This is a neutral view, you can express your views in the below comment section.


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  1. – I enjoy reading, writing and searching for truths. I am active in my church and like participating in small groups learning and developing new ideas and skills in becoming the person God created me to be. God has blessed me with so much and my desire is to share my thoughts and words with you in hopes they comfort and inspire you. says:

    Great post! Just what I needed to hear. Thanks for checking out my blog and following!

  2. I know quite a lot of people with anger management issues. This may come in handy if I see them again.

  3. thank you so muchI am really grateful for you

  4. gingerkellergannaway – I grew up as a crooked girl who dealt with a mild case of cerebral palsy. In a small Cajun town during the 1960s, I relied on my little sisters' support and energy to give me confidence and our grandma's movie theater to help me escape when life's "pas bon" moments overwhelmed me.
    gingerkellergannaway says:

    Wise words! Thank you.

  5. BionicOldGuy – Morgan Hill, ca, Usa – I am a Mechanical Engineer born in 1953, Ph. D, Stanford, 1980. I have been active in the mechanical CAE field for decades. I also have a lifelong interest in outdoor activities and fitness. I have had both hips replaced and a heart valve replacement due to a genetic condition. This blog chronicles my adventures in staying active despite these bumps in the road.
    bionicOldGuy says:

    Very nice. Catching it right at the point you start to get angry is not easy, but practice makes perfect.
    Thanks! 🙂

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