Passion and Work life


In this article, I’ll explain you how to choose passion and keep that alive. You may or may not have one, but after reading this, you’ll surely think of having one.

The beauty of life lies with one who captures it.

I’ll consider three instances in this regard to give you a better understanding.

1. A person with passion and work life.

In this instance, people may have some kind of passion in their life. It may be photography, singing, dancing, travelling, drawing, acting and so on.

Given the work pressure people tend to give up on there passion. What can be done?

Work may bring you stress your passion won’t

Simple, remember doing what you love most, will require your enthusiasm and a bit planning to do so.

If you work from Monday to Friday, you have Saturday and Sunday and this is the time for you.

You may say, “I need to take rest”. You may be mostly working, sitting 8 hrs a day and your body is always in the state of rest. Your mind need rest from something that’s usual.

You see after death, we will anyways take eternal rest. Explore something that you love most in this limited life.

Remember, we are here only for few years. Lets make time for what we love most as well.

There is a reason for your existence.

Doing something you love like cooking, gardening and other such things will bring you satisfaction and takes out your weekday stress.

2. A person without passion but just work life.

This, i consider as a strange and insane instance.

See, i do agree we are here for a reason. That reason is not just work. It’s beyond that something big and great.

Money may bring you satisfaction but not happiness.

Its not mandatory to have a passion that will affect your work life. You may just think of some passion that is less time consuming as well.

My suggestion is simple. Get involved in something that you love and it will enhance your ability.

3. A person with passion and no work.

These guys are brilliant. You know why, just because, they thought and implemented something that is out from the monotonous lifestyle.

Age won’t bring disease rather sitting ideal does.

A person with passion and no work is the person with lot of abilities and works towards what he/she desires most.

He/she will wait and work towards it. This is like betting on life. It takes lots of patience and self belief to do so.

These are happiest and self satisfied souls. You know why?? they sat, thought and executed something they loved most.

Its fun riding on the track you love most.

You may have a job but, having a passion is also equally important. It enhances your capabilities and you will eventually explore the real you.

Don’t think one rather execute one!!

This is a neutral view, you can express your views in the below comment section.


18 thoughts on “Passion and Work life

  1. marcello comitini – Roma – Sono siciliano ma vivo a Roma. Sono laureato in Giurisprudenza. Dopo aver insegnato Fotografia, ho svolto attività di Specialista in Organizzazione e Processi Produttivi presso aziende italiane ed estere. Delle mie poesie dicono: Attraverso immagini dense e limpide, le sue poesie offrono una nuova via d'accesso alla realtà, affidando ai versi il compito ambizioso di suscitare in noi adesione alla totalità del nostro essere. L'esistenza, il suo significato, la sua dinamica, il nostro ruolo nel mondo, il nostro rapporto con l’amore e con la vita sono gli argomenti che il poeta affronta. Le sue poesie sono meditazioni attive che ridestano in noi modi di pensare e di vedere che le convenzioni sono solite mantenere nascosti perché scomodi. Ho tradotto parecchi autori dal francese e ho pubblicato quattro volumi di poesie. Le mie poesie possono essere lette sul sito
    marcello comitini says:

    Raghav, you have described everything that I have not been able to do in my life.

    1. Hey Marcello, so sorry to know that. Yes its my wish to make this post reach every single individual in this world to spread the importance of passion. We understand certain things and regret in the end period of our life. But if we understand that in the very beginning life will be a memorable event.

  2. Halbarbera – 👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!
    Halbarbera says:

    Don’t just do what is expected…
    No…do the unexpected instead!

  3. I love this, Pursuing my passions gave me the self-security to sit confidently before the interview board last year and get a promotion. It wasn’t the one I wanted but it was a step in the right direction and may lead the job I was shooting for in the first place. I believe being sure of yourself contributes more than 75% towards achieving success in the workplace while only 25% is the actual work itself. And that self-assurance comes from a well balanced life.

  4. Divine-Royalty – Kingsley Vincent Is a motivational speaker, writer and blogger. He is the founder and content writer of Divine-Royalty - a website dedicated to inspiring others to take positive action towards better living.
    Divine-Royalty says:

    Amazing blog you got and thanks for following

  5. My work allows me to pursue my passions. I like what you say here…in the end what will make you look back on your life and smile will be your passions.

  6. For women it’s more difficult Raghav, especially working ones. Balancing time between work and home is extremely difficult. In Indian society household work allocation is still not shared equally.

    1. Yes.. i do agree.. but passion can be small thing as well like for example, gardening. Such things takes little time.. I now know ur into blogging which is again good passion

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