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The Power of Being Silent

Have you ever imagined the power of being silent? Do you know, that being silent, doesn’t just mean being speechless all the time? Do you know that sometimes, with the power of being silent, can shake the opponent?

Life is a mess if, we aren’t quiet when needed.

It is not easy to just practice this very habit of being silent.

The power of being silent is something each individual should practice.

There is no, the right time to start it. You can start it right now.

We get frustrated at ever small thing or event.

Let us take your work atmosphere as an example.

Just analyse, in a given day how often your mind is quiet.

I’m dam sure 80% of it is isn’t when you are awake. Rest 20% is when you are asleep.

You excel if you view silence as opportunity

Every small thing can be addressed in a different way, if you practice silence and think of the positive ways to handle stuff.

Sometimes, a small email will burn you down mentally.

If you think it as, just an email, the amount of stress will be less.

I’m sure, you’ll not be fired from your job, by considering what’s running in your mind.

Its just an other email.

Do you know that being silent, doesn’t just mean being speechless all the time?

Being silent when the ambience around is noisy brings in the best out of you.

But you need to speak when its your turn too.

What you speak should make an impact. For that, being silent and focusing just on the agenda will give you better results.

Speak when needed, your word is your identity

Do you know that sometimes, by just being quiet, you can shake the opponent?

When there is aggressive situation between couples, when the other person is not at the state of understanding your point, remain silent and move away for an hour or more and see the magic.

When the mind is stressed out completely you need time and space to solve that.

The power of silence
Successful people remain quiet

Practicing silence is an art, master that art by understanding, how differently you can solve the day in and out issues, in simple and positive manner.

This is my neutral view, you can share your views in the below comment section.

1 thought on “The Power of Being Silent”

  1. the deafening silence
    the immeasurable silence
    in the history of mankind
    in a hurricane
    the inner world
    the little consciousness
    in the boat that me
    through the cyclone
    is whirled

    the opponent of the laws in nature
    in the microcosm
    I am myself with my hubris

    life is what it is to us
    it doesn’t matter
    as we want it to be
    how we feel about life

    we all go the way
    between two worlds
    whether we scream
    or when I grit my teeth

    the surprise
    the inner world
    the outside world
    is for everyone
    daily in his experiences
    a subjective event
    whether at work
    at home or in sleep

    the spirit blows where it wants to go
    he leaves the memories
    grow in my mind
    whether I want that
    or not

    every person
    do something
    he is breathing
    he eats
    he speaks
    and part
    his word
    to advice
    for others

    when I think
    Oh; that was an insignificant something
    then I take myself
    in all
    those on me
    from inside and outside
    not seriously approaching me

    I’ve thought a lot
    what’s going on in my brain
    I became anyway
    Dismissed without notice

    it has to be
    what the innermost
    intended for me in this world
    whether in war
    whether in a dispute
    or in the arms of my lover

    when I make myself aware
    what my dream has to say to me
    then I’ll become the usual
    my routine
    to leave for nine banks

    my word is not my essence itself
    I want the one who wants me bad
    in its
    observe indivisible dignity

    i don’t want a spell
    Laying on someone who hates me
    what I can’t change from the outside
    I want to endure that

    the mind is not handicapped
    the soul that bears it
    is healthy from the roots

    the disease
    is the possibility
    to new insight
    for one’s own life still to be lived

    Successful people
    are related to selfishness
    they play for other gods and devils

    the real art
    is your own life
    the way it is to live

    Neutrality is the fig leaf
    behind his intentions
    Knowing to hide

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