Who is a leader?

This article explains about who a leader is and how a leader should be.

We all have that one strong desire, to be a leader someday. Whether its in our society or at work. We always aspire to lead and make necessary impact as leader. Do you know even a common man can be a leader.


But before having a desire, have you ever thought, as to what it takes to be a leader??

Let me guess.. your desire was strong enough and it actually ignored to think about the necessary qualities required to be a leader.

But, if you are planning to become one someday, then this article would serve you with necessary qualities.

So why delay, let’s dive in.

1. Ability to perceive things differently

This quality, a leader will get with experience. One who see’s things and handles situations in a balanced manner, will be a better leader.

People should be inspired by the quality

You see inexperienced leader will only bring or make very limited or no impact.

The experienced one’s, will not only make impact but he/she will guide his followers through the same path.

2. A leader is one who is not selfish in nature.

You should have seen or witnessed many people, who after becoming a leader, would slowly turn selfish and misuse the very own acclaimed power, favouring some and ignoring the rest.

We need to understand its actually, beyond being selfish.

Leader should lend his/her service hands and support people in uplifting them as and when required.

Who is a leader
We are here to grow together.

People desire with some hope, and aspire to see a better change from their leader.

The most important thing, a leader will and should have is, an intense commitment towards what he/she does. People should recognise and only then the position holds value.

Hence, the position holds some amount of dignity and respect.

3. A leader will not order things, rather executes things in a better way.

We do have a problem in the system of functioning of a leader.

Leaders generally pass on orders and sets certain example, which will actually destroy the leader and subordinate bonding.

Don’t command rather support

A Leader should understand the mere fact that, because there are subordinates, he or she is a leader. if not the position has no value.

Its high time, leader should share responsibility equally among other people and bring necessary changes in an institution or organisation.

Once, a leader showcase such an attitude towards the problem, people around him will eventually learn the same. This will create a bigger impact in the working communities.

4. Leader should influence positively

A leader can influence negatively or can influence in a positive way.

But a leader should always aspire to create some kind of positive impact over the people he/she meet on a daily basis.

This way leader can influence large amount of people who travel in his/her way on a day to day basis.

Positive impact will bring positive output

We are here on the earth for a limited time.

Let’s bring a change, that impacts larger community of people.

5. A leader is one who relies on certain ethics

Being a leader does not take much. You just need to follow, focus and stick on to the right ethics and values.

You see all our leaders are very simple in nature. Do you know why?? They follow certain ethics like, time management, being neutral in judgement, being an active listener and so on.

Who is leader
People should notice the leader in you

These are very small things that can make huge impact.

If you want to bring the change, first be the change.

If you can bring change at least in one, the result will multiply into thousands.

This is a neutral view, you can express your views in the below comment section.

74 thoughts on “Who is a leader?”

  1. These attributes are certainly qualities of good leadership, ones that we should aspire to in making the world a better place. Unfortunately there are ineffective leaders that want to lead to serve themselves instead of in service of others. I enjoyed reading your post, it is encouraging.

  2. Good article. Agree with these qualities. I think a leader should also be a servant or have the desire and aptitude to serve others. What do you think?

    1. True..I do agree she/he should be a servant first. All the people irrespective of hierarchies will have access to the leader. The outcome will be better and beneficiary. And people and future generation will learn the same from leader.

    1. Size of the team doesn’t matter. Managing people is an art and takes some time to get hold. Next time when you get a chance again have better plan to deal them in a better way.

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