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Are you building the right career path?

This particular article talks about building the right career path, and doing things differently to love, irrespective of what we do for living.

I’m sure you don’t have time to read this but, trust me today you’ll learn something new.

Have you ever imagined that, you are in the same flow or cycle or pattern of life like others.

We all think and feel that, it is just the same day, same work, same routine and same pattern of life and often regret for what we are doing and also regret of things that could not be done.

The very reason this happens is because, around us we have built a beautiful wall or barrier that limits us from doing things we like most. 

Think about this, rather than following the same routine, try something different.

Especially, when you are low on given day.

If you are an extrovert and working from home, plan a day with couple of friends, who are in the same zone of life and bring them out and plan a day working together.

Sometimes your happiness is around you, you just need to tap them in the right time to build right career path.

So, to build a career path lot of things contributes, right from emotional well being to staying active throughout the day.

It is indeed a complicated life, with lot of meetings and other organised events.

But, having a slight change in the setup would bring in lot of value to the life and living.

Redefine your workspace name

We all witness some successful people, popping out of nowhere and become role model to the entire world. 

For the successful to reach to that particular stage, it would have taken some serious personal time and effort.

They are consistent in what they follow, consistency comes from practice, we all know that right?

We are all stuck somewhere, often the address is unknown or misplaced due to ignorance.

The age is just passing by for most of us and by the time we recognise the damage it is too late.

Having a clear career path matters most, do you know why?

Being successful means being consistent

We all study and get a degree, by the time we are out of college, we get into to a job without knowing what’s expected and purpose of building a career is totally forgotten.

And comes the most interesting and forcibly accepted/adapted/inculcated word “Go with the flow”.

We are all humans, there is a purpose to the birth we have taken and go with the flow shouldn’t be one.

Most of them, out of frustration mostly, during this mere time of crisis people leave job due to pressure and less work life balance.

Are we kids to expect to learn work life balance from a firm?

Should an organisation teach work life balance or is it a consistently practiced habit?

It is essential, to lock the laptop, to take a walk, to talk to closed ones around, and to eat right food. 

Our body tells us these things, we have ignored such alerts most of the times.

Result being stress, anxiety and all other scary life style diseases. 

Who created them, please don’t point the employer, you are not chained labor.

career path
Being organised matters

After quitting the job, getting back to work takes a long time.

By this time, the job market would be expecting something else from you, “A Skill”.

We expect a brand new updated mobile phone version, the samething is expected out from you, rather a new skill.

It is important in the competitive world irrespective of job roles to stay updated with the news skills that makes the profile shine among others.

Current world, job trend depends entirely on a new skill that you gained.

Even if you don’t have time, you need to make time and learn one by doing right research.

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Shine with a new skill

Life is full of learning, be consistent, make time and build the right career path.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the below comment section.

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