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Do you know about bath and body works candle day of US?

This article explains you about the bath and body works candle day that is celebrated in the United States every year.

The day falls on December every year, it is exactly on the first Saturday of the month. This year it is celebrated on 4 of December.

So why wait go get your favourite soothing scents for less prices. It is one time event in the year, hence add it to your to do list.

Light up the love

Where bath and body works candle day started?

It was from 2013, where people who love candles across United States, get together on the very first Saturday in the December month to gain the benefit of bath and body works candle day sale.

The cost of wick candle which is around 3 in number will usually be $25 on other day, on the day of sale it is $9.50. 

Most places will have their stores open for extended hours. Hence, they open the store early and close late. 

This gives candle lovers good time to buy their favourite candles.

bath and body candle
Embrace the smell of candle

Since earlier times, makers of candle added fragrance to prepare the good smelling candles.

China had started it with candle time clocks. Good Intense sticks were inserted to the wax to gain relaxing smell. 

Perfume was placed occasionally, in the candle. Hence, the perfume was changing every now and then. 

Around 1980s & 1990s, candle popularity regained its prominence. Because of their Impressive value, and their capacity to create a soothing environment by using the good intense scented candles.

An American in the L Brands umbrella is where, Bath and Body Works opened in Ohio in 1990. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts mall is where, its first store opened in the month of September 1990.

Another brand called Bath & Body Works In 1997 was opened at home. 

Let the darkness shine and smell good

Later the name was changed to Slatkin before it was setup in the name White Barn Candle Company like we know it today. 

A catalog the first television advertisement was released in the year 2006.

$2.3 billion was the Net company sales of the company by 28 January 2006, which was more than all other L Brand firms.

What time does bath and body works candle day start?

In many places the stores are opened either early or opened till evening mostly by 7 am in the morning.

There is limit in buying the candles for peoples own benefit the company has limited it to just 15.

Some 130 varieties of scents and 26 uniques one can make most from 15 candles varieties.

How is bath and body works candle day done?

  • Buy some cool fragrance candle from the store for less price.
  • Light them in your home
  • Store them to last throughout the winter.
  • Enjoy the lights and fragrance
bath and body
Lights of love

Candles are loved most do you know why?

  • They are prettifying.
  • Home feels like heaven.
  • It stimulates the soothing mood.

So why wait, go get yours before the place is over-crowded.

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