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What if, we had a pause button in life?

This Article provides an answer for the question, What if, we had a pause button in life?

Of course, people at one point of time get stuck or will want to give up on one thing that made them feel very low.

Life is a blend of joy and sorrow, good times remain in memories and bad times push us into bad mood.

Usually, the good times is like a trend that passes too fast with ups and lows in sync.

What if, we had a pause button in life?
Life is all about being happy

But, when it comes to bad times, we feel every second passing like an hour. 

Most of us, have unique ways to come out of such mood swings.

Sometimes a small pause from such circumstances, impacts emotional well being to a large extent.

Now let us look at our hypothetical question, What if we had a pause button in our life….?

What if, we had a pause button in life?
There is always solution and way out

If at all life had given us such an option then, our lives would be way better than it is now.

People’s expectation is more harmful. It is good to not to expect much.

There is indeed a pause button, let me explain how and where to use it.

One can use them in 4 ways:

1. When nothing works press the pause button and self heal:

Focus on being happy from within, this is out most important in life, but people fail to do so.

People views hurt us more. Hence try to be a passive listener. Just take what is needed and keep calm.

What if, we had a pause button in life?
Know to repair self

2. When life puts you in a challenging situation, press the pause button and observe closely:

Challenges are part of the journey. People say good things takes time, hence pause for a moment.

Take tiny steps and focus on what you need to do to fix issues of life.

Stop wasting time by convincing  people, who are not worth convincing. 

Decide on things, that needs to be done in this duration of pause.

curious schoolboy looking through magnifier at camera in room
Focus on Self

3. Press the pause button to regular life and travel:

Taking a break is must for each individual.

Spending some time in nature levels up the oxygen in your brain which are tied to levels of serotonin (a chemical which is naturally in our brain affecting the way we feel), it also affects our mood, appetite, memory, social behaviour, and other natural processes in our body.

Take a break because, even a machine like computer needs a reboot to function accurately.

unrecognizable woman resting in stone bath tube near mountains
Explore until you find yourself in you

4. Live by your own set of values:

Take a pause or move away from people who treat us like, our time, and our feelings doesn’t matter to them.

Living a principled life, plays a vital role in each individual’s life.

Be a straight-forward person, which is way better than being dramatic.

blackboard with your life matters inscription on black background
Treat life the right way

There is no pause to this life, it starts and ends someday, we are very closer to grave every second. Hence, take a pause and redesign yourself to the next level.

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16 thoughts on “What if, we had a pause button in life?”

  1. When I first saw your “I like your post” email I wasn’t sure because you were presenting yourself as a very successful man, beautiful home and a car, sharp suit, but after reading your post I realised that you have some interesting things to say.


    1. Hey Gaby, Yes I do have some interesting things to say. It would be great if you follow my website to read them all. Thanks for much appreciated response. Happy Weekend.

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  3. The living
    not thought
    up by yourself
    not self made


    the heartbeat

    the sensations

    the emotions

    the storm
    the thoughts

    the dream
    by day
    and night

    to new knowledge
    doing better
    to try
    on every day

      1. Of course! It’s funny, but when I was in highschool, my first ever car accident I could only think CTRL-Z, which is the undo button on many computer applications. When hard times come around we do need to pause, if possible. I always find use in pausing, meditating, praying, and seeing how I can gather strength to face what’s about to come next!

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