What is the real meaning of relationship?

This article explains, what the real meaning of relationship in life is?

So to understand the real meaning of relationship, it is important to read the article till the end.

Relationship is the most important aspect of every individual’s life.

Without which our lives are completely meaningless.

Most of us, need some kind of relationship in life to hold on. 

Life is all about appreciating the differences

It may be friendship, love, or any such social bondings.

Our physical and emotional well-being depends on meeting closed one’s.

But, there will be one moment of what if they leave or move away from us?

Every individual is so much inclined towards the closed one’s.

We are so much stubborn, towards the other person, where we want the closed one’s to act as we want.

But life is so much opposite at times, the closed one’s act as they want. Not as we wish, rather as they wish.

This mere fact is very less known to us, or we have ignored it to such an extent, and it hurts when the difference is found someday.

What is the real meaning of relationship?
Hearts are meant to be broken if given in others hand

Relationship is a mutual affair, where one should respect, closed one’s opinion, perspective, and should stay connected regardless of the tides of life.

But are we connected all the time? 

With all the commitments and schedules, the amount of time given to the relationship tends to depreciate and someday we lose them in the process.

One has to remember, someday we all get buried or burnt after dead.

The only thing that remains with you will be you.

Within there is more space than around

Not relationship or opinions, because it is high time that, we should understand nothing and no one will be till the end of the journey.

When this mere truth is understood deep within, the impact of people leaving us or moving away from us will be minimal.

The real relationship one should have first, is with him/her alone. Only this mere fact will bring inner peace in life.

One must be prepared in such a way where, nothing and no one should shake or break us.

This life is designed to explore life from within, we have left others to explore us and take advantage of it for his/her own convenience.

It must be us, to explore us, and take advantage of what and who we really are.

Life is all about exploring life from within and moving on till the end.

11 thoughts on “What is the real meaning of relationship?”

  1. Indeed, to have a relationship with oneself is the first step in understanding relationship. 👏😊💖 And that ending is quite memorable:

    “Life is all about exploring life from within and moving on till the end.”

    Amazing!! 💯💖👏

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  4. Thank you for a well-written article. For me, for external relationships to be meaningful, it begins with my relationship with my Creator, which makes me a better person, which filters over in other relationships. I enjoyed the article, and please keep them coming.

  5. I guess my relationship is with my dog. We work together. But as for people, I know some, visit 2 occasionally (but that’s more for the dogs benefit), and when death comes along to people I have dealings with, even family, I don’t seem to have emotions about it.
    In fact, I prefer being alone, and I can say, I am loving the lockdowns and isolations.

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