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Do you know about bath and body works candle day of US?

This article explains you about the bath and body works candle day that is celebrated in the United States every year. The day falls on December every year, it is exactly on the first Saturday of the month. This year it is celebrated on 4 of December. So why wait go get your favourite soothing … Continue reading Do you know about bath and body works candle day of US?

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Are you building the right career path?

This particular article talks about building the right career path, and doing things differently to love, irrespective of what we do for living. I’m sure you don’t have time to read this but, trust me today you’ll learn something new. Have you ever imagined that, you are in the same flow or cycle or pattern … Continue reading Are you building the right career path?

Who is a leader?

This article explains about who a leader is and how a leader should be. We all have that one strong desire, to be a leader someday. Whether its in our society or at work. We always aspire to lead and make necessary impact as leader. Do you know even a common man can be a … Continue reading Who is a leader?

Information to Initiative: A Tip for Startups

During the course of our life. We accumulate lots of information that fascinates us. We wish to make those information into an initiative and thus, would like to bring that into reality. But, we fail, ignore and we move on. The process happened repeatedly and the result being, you end up losing self belief to … Continue reading Information to Initiative: A Tip for Startups

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The Power of Being Silent

Have you ever imagined the power of being silent? Do you know, that being silent, doesn’t just mean being speechless all the time? Do you know that sometimes, with the power of being silent, can shake the opponent? It is not easy to just practice this very habit of being silent. The power of being … Continue reading The Power of Being Silent

Did lockdown teach us something?

Absolutely Yes! Lockdown indeed injected the patience element over impatient people. Some people, especially in the 21st century are very much impatient. Due to which the clarity among the people was missing. With patience alone, the clarity can be derived irrespective of what we do. You may ask, how did lockdown alone teach patience to people? … Continue reading Did lockdown teach us something?

Passion and Work life

In this article, I’ll explain you how to choose passion and keep that alive. You may or may not have one, but after reading this, you’ll surely think of having one. I’ll consider three instances in this regard to give you a better understanding. 1. A person with passion and work life. In this instance, … Continue reading Passion and Work life

Anger Vs Peace

This particular article talks about, how one can choose peace over anger. Anger and peace are like different sides of same coin. You need to know which one to use for a better living. Anger is just an emotion which can be good from only one perspective. From, the other perspective it’s the dangerous expression … Continue reading Anger Vs Peace

Blog has a reason

This article talks about the purpose of this blog creation and explains what all neutral view point as blog will deliver to its readers. The world is filled with lots of biased views and contents. Among all the other website this website, will provide a valuable life improving and life engaging information to each individual, … Continue reading Blog has a reason

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